Usually, business centres use glass walls which separate the places of work. Glass walls are pleasant and cosy, but just a light glass tinting provides the employees with more privacy and freedom. Besides, the film stops sounds and noise, therefore the work environment will be even quieter.

Tinting does not require removing the glass and accessories. Special film technology guarantees a long period of film service, protects the glass and the film from scratches and affection, the film is difficult to be separated from the window.

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Kinds of film

There are different kinds of film, for example, matted, perfectly suitable for walls or doors, various glossy or colourful film, film with patterns (you can select your own pattern or photo) will brighten the atmosphere.

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Specular film

On purpose of fully isolating own premises, specular film is used. From the outside, it is not possible to see what happens inside through such film, but, looking from the inside, one can see perfectly well what happens outside the glass.

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Protective film

If there is a risk that your glass doors or first-floor window can easily break for various reasons, we offer a protective film for you..